Feature Requests

  1. Apple Watch app

    This would allow you to control aspects of the Caliber app directly on your Apple Watch, including logging your workouts.

    Chris Muir
    #New Feature πŸ†•


  2. Smart exercise substitutions

    This will suggest relevant alternatives when you need to substitute an exercise.

    Chris Muir
    #New Feature πŸ†•


  3. Adaptive weight suggestions

    I always find it hard to know when to increase weight or increase reps or sets. I think it would be nice to have it learn after a couple of workouts and then start to prefill my log with reccomended weight sets and reps. Or the option of 10 lbs or one more set. Also if working out at home the ability to input max weight available so it knows to increase the difficulty through reps and sets instead

    Anonymous Penguin
    #New Feature πŸ†•


  4. Dark mode

    This would give you the option to view the app in dark mode.

    Chris Muir
    #New Feature πŸ†•


  5. Sync strength workouts with Apple Health / Google Fit

    This would send relevant info about a strength workout logged in the Caliber app to Apple Health / Google Fit, such as the workout completion time and estimated calories burned.

    Chris Muir
    #New Feature πŸ†•


  6. Suggested workout changes

    This would suggest when you should make adjustments to your workout plan, and then help you automatically make these adjustments.

    Chris Muir
    #New Feature πŸ†•


  7. Additional workout stats (number of workouts logged, total volume, most used exercises, etc.)

    All the numbers please! How many workouts have I logged? Which exercises have I done most often? Which ones have I seen the most gains in? Etc

    #New Feature πŸ†•#Misc 🀷


  8. Have timer ding when outside of the app.

    During my rest I sometimes open another app… if the caliber app isn’t the top level app my phone won’t ding when the timer is complete (iOS).

    Kelly G
    #Improvements πŸ‘


  9. Estimated calories for a workout

    This is the only thing holding me back from switching from Fitbod: at the end of the workout, it gives me a total calorie count used for the workout, which I can track in my calorie counting app.

    Anonymous Akita
    #New Feature πŸ†•


  10. Logging Dropsets

    Would be cool if we could differentiate and log drop-sets. just like you guys did with the super sets!

    Anonymous Clownfish
    #Improvements πŸ‘


  11. Garmin integration

    This would allow you to sync data directly between Garmin and Caliber.

    Chris Muir
    #New Feature πŸ†•


  12. Automatic timer

    Once you pick a time for rest between sets have it automatically go after entering set.

    Anonymous Javanese


  13. Stretching templates

    Create stretching routines similar to workouts. Would be great to be able to have a recovery stretching/flexibility day.

    Anonymous Gorilla
    #Improvements πŸ‘#New Feature πŸ†•


  14. Adjustable Sunday/Monday start date for weekly calendar view

    This would allow you to choose whether you’d prefer to see a Sunday or Monday start date for your calendar weeks in the app.

    Chris Muir
    #Improvements πŸ‘


  15. Granular exercise equipment selection

    This would allow you to select exactly the type of equipment you have available, which would factor into both workout plan generation and exercise substitutions.

    Chris Muir
    #Improvements πŸ‘