1. Caliber 4.0.2 - Performance Improvements, Bug Fixes, Plus Badges

    Announcement 📣

    Here's what's new in version 4.0.2 👇


    Performance Improvements:


    • Improved Android Performance. For a long time, we’d been hearing about performance issues for a certain segment of Android users. After investigating, it was due to VPNs or ad blockers disrupting the connection attempts from one of our partners, who provide the link sharing functionality within the app. We’ve now reworked our approach, which should hopefully resolve this issue even when running a VPN or ad blocker.
    • Improved Coach App Performance. We’ve reworked aspects of the app version that our coaches use to communicate with clients, making it much faster to load and more stable.


    Bug Fixes:


    • Fixed issue where if you long-pressed on a regular exercise you’d see the wrong options if you had previously edited a superset
    • Fixed issue where you were unable to scroll in the emoji picker on Android devices
    • Fixed issue where in certain cases you could be brought to the wrong version of the Workout Overview screen
    • Fixed header sizing on certain Pixel devices


    In addition to these improvements/fixes, we’ve also introduced new badging for Plus users! As a Plus user, you should now see a special badge on your profile photo, which will also be shown within group channels.


    We’re currently working on finalizing a few larger infrastructure updates, along with some refactoring of the Workout Overview screen for better overall usability. After that, we’re excited to begin work on our next set of more major features!


    Hope that everyone enjoys the updates - and if you were one of the Android users who ran into VPN / ad blocker performance issues, please let us know if you notice an improvement after downloading this release!


  2. Caliber 4.0.1 - Performance Improvements & Bug Fixes

    Announcement 📣

    If you haven't seen our recent release notes on last week's major update, check them out here! Otherwise, here's what's new in version 4.0.1 👇


    Performance Enhancements:


    • Adjusted sizing of cached videos for certain devices. We’d been seeing slowdown for users on certain devices, which we were able to link to the cached exercise videos. We typically cache exercise videos in high quality, so we’ve adjusted our approach here slightly for certain devices to better optimize for performance


    Bug Fixes:


    • Fixed issue where you couldn’t scroll beyond the most recent 20 sets of progress photos in the Progress Photo Gallery
    • Fixed issue with moving workouts for Premium clients, when they were set up as part of a recurring workout schedule
    • Fixed issue where you couldn’t enter a decimal for cardio distance unless you first entered ‘0’
    • Fixed issue when converting weights originally logged in kg over to lbs


    We’ll be pushing out another small release next week to address a few more bugs and minor enhancements. After that, we’re excited to begin work on the next set of new features! Hope that you all have a great weekend and as always, let us know if you have any feedback here.



  3. Caliber 4.0.0 - Workout Library, Nutrition Targets, Updated Plans Screen UX/UI

    Announcement 📣

    Here's what's new in version 4.0.0 👇


    New Features:


    Workout Library 📚

    As we mentioned in last week’s post, we’ve regularly had requests for a greater number and variety of workout plans that can be accessed in the app.


    With Workout Library, Plus subscribers will have access to a growing library of workout plans created by our team of Caliber coaches. You can add as many plans as you like to your account, and change them up whenever you want.


    To access the library, just go to the Plans section of the app, and tap where it says ‘Browse Library’.


    There are 2 different ways to use this feature, so let's cover both of them briefly:


    Featured Plans

    In this section, you’ll see a curated list of some of the different workout plans available, broken down into different categories. The categories themselves are pretty varied, grouping plans by experience levels, split types, body part focus, along with specializations like kettlebell focused routines.

    Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 9.44.26 AM

    All Plans

    In this section, you’ll see a scrollable list of all of the workout plans available in the library, which you can apply a variety of different filters to in order to narrow down the list.


    You’ll see filter lozenges at the top of the screen - Duration, Frequency, Equipment, just to name a few. Tap on these to apply a filter, and you can use any number of these filters in conjunction with each other.

    Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 9.45.14 AM

    When browsing workout plans at a higher level, you’ll be able to see the name of the plan, a short description, the coach who created it, along with some other attributes.


    After you tap into a plan you’re interested in, you’ll see a longer description, the equipment required, a preview of the exercises in the workouts, some tips, and the bio/credentials of the coach who created it.


    Once you’ve found a plan you like, just tap ‘Add to plans’, and you’ll then be able to see it on your main Plans screen.

    Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 9.46.31 AM


    A few other considerations here:

    • Once you’ve added a plan from the Workout Library, you can modify it however you like - changing the name, adding/substituting exercises, adjusting exercise parameters, etc.
    • The Workout Library also contains a number of mobility workouts. These are structured as single workouts that can be added to any of your main plans. When adding a mobility workout, you’ll be able to select the workout plan that you’d like to add it to.


    Updates to the Workout Library

    While we wanted to kick off this feature with a great selection of workout plans, we’re going to be updating this regularly with new workouts.


    We haven’t yet decided upon the exact update frequency here, whether it should be a larger drop of new plans each month, or whether we should be even more regularly adding plans. This is something we’ll figure out along the way.


    To help source ideas for our next set of plans, I’ll be making a separate post where people can leave comments for plans and upvote suggestions they’d like to see.


    Nutrition Wizard

    In the Plans tab, Plus subscribers will now have the ability to set up calorie/macro targets.


    If you choose to do this using the wizard, you’ll be asked a series of questions, and we’ll then set you up with some suitable targets, based around your goals.


    Alternatively, if you’re already working with calorie/macro targets - or want to modify the targets that the wizard gives you - you can enter and adjust these here too.


    In both cases, any synced nutrition data will now line up against these targets, displayed directly on the nutrition card on the Home screen, so that you can see how you’re doing for the day alongside your other logged activities.


    Other Improvements:

    In addition to these new features, we’ve made several other improvements to the app as part of this release:


    • Plans Screen Revamp. You’ll notice that the Plans screen itself has been entirely redesigned with a fresh UI and improved UX. There is a lot that you can do on this screen, in terms of managing your plans, so hopefully these changes will make it easier to do these things, while also making some of the functionality more discoverable for newer users.


    • Updates to Bottom Nav. We've restructured the way that the bottom nav bar works, so it should no longer slide around as you're navigating between different screens.


    Upgrading to Plus

    While Plus has technically been available since Thursday, since today is the more official launch, grandfathered users of the free app will now see a widget on the Home screen with an option to upgrade.


    For the next month, we’re offering a special discount to all existing users who choose to upgrade to Plus:

    • $6 per month (monthly plan)
    • $36 per year (yearly plan)


    Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback!


  4. Caliber 3.3.2 - Performance Improvements & Bug Fixes

    Here's what's new in version 3.3.2 👇


    Performance Improvements:

    • Exercise Screen Load Times. This was one of the screens in the app where we were seeing consistent performance issues, especially for users with more workout data or who were on slower connections. If you’ve ever seen the spinning wheel go for a long time when you opened this screen, that’s basically what I’m talking about. With this release, we’ve reengineered it so that this screen should now load almost instantly. No more spinning wheel, no more delays when moving between your exercises.


    • Messenger Responsiveness. Previously if you posted multiple videos or images in succession in a group/coach chat, you might have run into an issue where the Messenger became unresponsive. We’ve fixed that with this release, so now posting multiple images/videos should no longer cause this.


    Feature Enhancements:

    • Cardio Seconds. With the updated UX/UI from a recent release, we had removed the ‘seconds’ field for cardio activities, thinking that hours/minutes would be sufficient for most people. However, based on a flood of feedback, we were clearly wrong! As such, seconds is now back for cardio, so you can resume logging your runs with precision.


    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed issue where progress photos weren’t saving if a coach had scheduled it as part of a recurring activity
    • Fixed text on Strength Balance screen (had previously said Strength Score on the chart’s x-axis)


    Hope that everyone enjoys the latest updates, and in particular please let us know if you notice a smoother logging experience when accessing the exercise screen!

  5. Caliber 3.3.0 - New Cardio Activities, Cardio Notes, Activity UI Enhancements

    Announcement 📣
    Released 🎉
    Improvement 🔨
    New Feature 🆕

    Here's what's new in version 3.3.0 👇


    Feature Improvements:


    New Cardio Activities. We had previously had a fairly small list of cardio activities that you could log directly in the app, and were missing a few widely-used ones like swimming and yoga. With this update, we’ve added quite a few more cardio options, such as:


    • Basketball
    • Boxing
    • Climbing
    • Dance
    • HIIT
    • Hiking
    • Jump Rope
    • Kickboxing
    • Martial Arts
    • Pilates
    • Soccer
    • Swimming
    • Tennis
    • Yoga


    Custom Cardio Activities. If you can’t find the cardio activity that you’d like to log from our list, you can now create a custom entry and call it whatever you like. Just select the ‘Other’ option from the picker, and you’ll now be able to label it so that it shows up correctly on your calendar.


    Cardio Notes (Premium). If you’re a Premium member, you’ll now be able to leave an optional cardio note for your coach! Along with whatever you write, your note will include relevant cardio stats for your coach to see.


    Updated Activity Picker UI. As part of the cardio updates, we’ve overhauled the activity picker and bottom sheets on the Home Screen of the app. You’ll now see that the format of the bottom sheets is more consistent with other design updates we’ve made across the app, along with some UX improvements.


    Last but not least (or perhaps least), we’ve updated the loading screen of the app from eye-searing white to Caliber blue.


    Hope that you all enjoy the latest updates and that you have a strong start to the year!




  6. Caliber 3.2.1 - Performance Improvements & Bug Fixes

    Announcement 📣
    Released 🎉
    Improvement 🔨

    Here's what's new in version 3.2.1 👇


    Performance Improvements:


    • Exercise Screen Improvements: We’ve seen from our logs that some of the most frequent instances of app hangs happen on the Exercise screen itself. After investigating this, the issue turned out to be how we were loading the videos on this screen, along with the video library itself. We’ve now updated this library, and also now load the videos immediately after you access the screen, instead of in one big chunk as you’re going to the screen. As a result, you should hopefully see less jerkiness when accessing this screen, along with fewer instances of the app hanging.


    • Faster Video Uploads: We've now added compression to any videos that you upload in Messenger, which is automatically based on the speed of your connection. This should hopefully speed up video uploads to groups and coach chats, especially for videos that were recorded in 4k.


    Bug Fixes:


    • Distance Unit Preference Settings: Fixed a bug where unit preferences were not properly set after app registration. We also set the correct unit preferences for any users who were impacted.


    • App Logouts: Fixed several bugs related to app logout issues. In addition, we’ve adjusted it so that any impacted users should be logged out of the app far less frequently.


    That’s it for this one! The team is currently working on revamping cardio activities - adding many additional types of cardio (yoga, swimming, etc), the ability to add cardio notes, along with improving the cardio logging UI/UX.


  7. Caliber 3.1.27 - Home Screen and Calendar Revamp, Activity Summaries

    Here's what's new in version 3.1.27 👇


    Feature Improvements:


    • Home Screen UI Revamp: As part of this release, you’ll see that the Home Screen of the app has a fresh look! 💅 We’ve updated the UI here to be more consistent with refinements that we've made to other parts of the app.


    • Strength and Cardio Workout Summaries: Access post-workout summaries anytime for both strength and cardio workouts. Review your workout duration, rating, personal bests, and more. These summaries are shareable so you can send to your friends if you'd like!


    • Activity Summaries: From steps and nutrition to body stats and progress photos, tap on any activity on the Home Screen for detailed summaries.


    • Calendar UI/UX Overhaul: Navigate easily with the new month view in the calendar section. Check your daily progress with a simple tap, focusing on specific days or weeks.


    • New Explanatory Widgets: We've added helpful, dismissible widgets in crucial app sections for better guidance on logging exercises and editing workouts.


    Performance Enhancements:


    • Improved Home Screen Syncing: We've streamlined the Home Screen animations for a smoother, less distracting syncing experience.


    Bug Fixes:


    • Android 14 Notification Issue Resolved: Fixed a bug causing the app to close during timer notifications for Android 14 users.


    Up Next..


    Today's release paves the way for building out better data visualization in the app, along with really bringing out the notion of consistency streaks - something we’re very excited about!


    Up next, we’re working on a few performance enhancements and minor bug fixes, before moving onto a cardio-focused revamp, where we’ll be adding support for many more cardio exercises within the app.


    Hope that you all have a great weekend and that you enjoy the latest updates!




  8. Caliber 3.1.25 - Improved Chat Performance, Fixed Timezone Bug

    Announcement 📣
    Improvement 🔨

    Here's what's new in version 3.1.24 👇


    • Enhanced Chat Performance: We've optimized chat performance by addressing the slowdown caused by link preview loading. Previously, chat loading was delayed until link previews were generated. We've now shifted link previews to load in the background, allowing for faster initial chat loading. Expect a noticeable speed boost in group interactions and coach chats within the app.


    • Clarification on Starting Workouts: We’ve found that there are a number of newer users who are unclear that they should start workouts from the Home Screen, so we’ve added a dismissible explanatory widget to the Training Plan section of the app, which should hopefully make this clearer for people initially.


    • Timezone Bug Fix: We've resolved a timezone-related issue affecting users who were unable to log workouts on the current day due to a mismatch with our system time (UTC). With this fix, users can now accurately track their workouts according to their local time.


    Looking Ahead:

    We're now focusing on developing the next set of features, including a much-awaited revamp of the Home Screen – a section of the app that has remained unchanged for quite some time. Stay tuned for more updates!







  9. Caliber 3.1.23 - Introducing Plate Calculator 🎉

    New Feature 🆕

    Caught up in calculations rather than conquering your sets? Exciting news: our latest update features a Plate Calculator. We do the math, you do the lifting.


    Plate Calculator

    This would show you the exact plate configuration to use for any given amount of weight you're lifting.

    Chris Muir
    Released 🎉


    Here's everything you need to know:


    • Spot the Barbell Icon on the exercise track screen and tap it to access the Plate Calculator. It will automatically suggest the optimal plate configuration based on your target weight, bar weight, and plate inventory.


    • Eligible Exercises: This feature is available for both standard and custom exercises with the following equipment type selected: Barbell, Smith Machine, Hammer Strength, Landmine, EZ Bar, and Trap Bar.


    • Custom Bar Weights: By default, we're set to the common 45 lb / 20 kg bar. Adjust as needed. For a quick reference of bar weights, check out our handy modal. 📊


    • Personalize Your Plate Inventory: We start you off with a standard plate inventory, ideal for most commercial gyms, but you can adjust this to match your gym's offerings. 🔧
    • Automatic Target Weight: Already input a set? The Plate Calculator will pre-load based on your most recent target weight, ensuring a seamless experience, especially handy for smart warmups. 🔥


    We've personally been using this feature for the past week and are loving it. We hope you do too! As always, we're here for any questions or feedback you might have.



  10. Caliber 3.1.22 - Workout syncing to Apple Health, Workout Completion Flow Revamp

    Here's what's new in version 3.1.22 👇


    Hope that everyone's week is off to a strong start! We just pushed out a new release of the app today, with a much-requested feature! Let me cover what was included in more detail:


    New Features:


    • Sync workouts to Apple Health. For a long time we’ve synced data back from Health - including steps, nutrition, cardio, and body stats - but previously we had not synced any data back to Health. With this release, you’ll now be able to sync any of your completed strength workouts back to Health, which means that they’ll start counting towards your activity/rings there too. You should see a toggle to do this after you complete each workout, and can set the default behavior for this toggle in the Settings section of the app.

    Sync strength workouts with Apple Health / Google Fit

    This would send relevant info about a strength workout logged in the Caliber app to Apple Health / Google Fit, such as the workout completion time and estimated calories burned.

    Chris Muir
    In Progress 🔨


    App Improvements:


    • Completed workout flow revamp. To match the design changes in other parts of the app, we’ve reworked the completed workout screens. As a result, personal bests should now be both easier to see and share on that screen.


    • Added workout duration. After completing a workout, you’ll now see the duration of the workout on the summary screen. We are planning to add more stats to this summary card (total volume, etc), while also making this summary accessible for any previously-completed workouts.


    Bug Fixes:


    • Fixed hyphen showing incorrectly in cases where last weight was ‘0’.



    We had wanted to get workout syncing back to Google Fit as part of this release as well, but unfortunately we are held up with approvals there. The work is finished on our end, though, so we should hopefully be able to release that soon too, once this is approved.


    Anyway, thanks again for all of your support, and let us know if you have any questions/feedback about the updates!