1. [Release Notes] Caliber 3.0.7 - Jump Directly To Messages, Potential Fix For Logout Issue

    Hi everyone! Here's what new in version 3.0.7 👇

    New Features:


    Jump directly to relevant message from Notification Manager

    This would bring you directly to the relevant message within a chat when you tap on a notification in Notification Manager.

    Chris Muir
    Released 🎉


    • Jump directly to message from notifications. Tapping on a message in your Notification Manager will now take you directly to the relevant message in the chat. This should make it much easier to continue the conversation in groups without needing to scroll up to find those messages yourself. If you’re a Pro member, this should also make it considerably faster to find relevant messages from your coaching team.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Potential fix for app logout issue. We’ve had a number of users reporting that they are logged out of the app too frequently. After investigating, the issue here seemed to relate to auth tokens being inadvertently cleared in some cases, so we’ve shifted our approach to how this is handled. If you have been impacted by this issue, you’ll likely be logged out of the app after updating to this new release, but hopefully this should solve the issue going forward.

    In other news, we’re now underway on the mobile work for workout sharing, with the backend workout already completed. Still hoping to have this one out around the end of the month, since it has been widely requested!


  2. [Release Notes] Caliber 3.0.4 - Exercise Substitution Improvements

    Here's what's new in version 3.0.4 👇

    Feature Improvements:


    Preselect relevant muscle group filter(s) when substituting

    This would preselect the relevant muscle group filter(s) when substituting exercises, making the list of displayed exercises more relevant.

    Chris Muir
    Released 🎉


    • Preselected Muscle Group Filters When Substituting Exercises. Previously when you substituted an exercise, it would just bring you to the Exercise Search screen, showing you an exhaustive list of all available exercises to pick from. This was obviously not great, so with today's release you'll now see that the relevant primary muscle group filter(s) are automatically selected when you substitute an exercise. This should hopefully make the list of exercises feel more relevant, and allow you to make substitutions more quickly.


    Allow exercise substitutions from Training Plan

    Currently you can only substitute exercises from active workouts. This would allow you to substitute exercise directly from the Training Plan section

    Chris Muir
    Released 🎉


    • Substitutions from the Training Plan section. While you've been able to substitute exercises from active workouts for a while, we didn't have this functionality for workout templates in the Training Plan section. Now if you long press on an exercise in Training Plan, you'll see the substitution option there as well.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed crashes on the Pro plan selection screen for Android 12 and 13 devices (this was actually included in a quick release, 3.0.3, that we did over the weekend).


    We're planning a more significant overhaul of the Exercise Search screen - adding more filters, improving the UX, etc - but wanted to get some of these other improvements out more quickly, since we've been hearing a lot of requests for substitutions!


  3. [Release Notes] Caliber 3.0.2 - Disabling Autoplay Videos, Android Performance Issue Fix

    Here's what's new in version 3.0.2 👇

    New Features


    Option to turn off videos

    Save battery, app lags because of video sometimes

    Released 🎉


    • Disabling Autoplay Videos. Based on feedback, we have added an option to disable the videos from autoplaying on the exercise screens. Part of the consideration here was around data usage, with these videos eating up too much data for users with more limited data plans. If you’d prefer to not have these videos auto play, you should now be able to disable this in the Settings section. You can also now more easily pause videos, whenever you need to.

    Bug Fixes

    • Google Fit Performance Issue Fix. Users on certain Android 13 devices have been experiencing app-wide slowdown. After investigating, the culprit turned out to be our Google Fit integration. To address this, we ended up rebuilding this integration from scratch, which should hopefully address this for any impacted users. If you had previously disabled Google Fit syncing to alleviate the performance issues, please try enabling that again now, and let me know if you continue to experience any issues after doing that.

    • Pro Signup Bug Fix. Users from certain countries were seeing a white screen when trying to sign up for Pro. This was due to the currency localization not working properly for those countries. This should now be fixed, with currencies from all countries displaying properly on the Pro signup page.


    Up next, we’ll be making some adjustments to exercise substitutions - allowing you to substitute exercises from the Training Plan section of the app, while also defaulting to the appropriate muscle group filters to make substitutions more guided. And after that, it’s onto workout sharing, which we’re all very excited about!


  4. Introducing Caliber Pro

    Announcement 📣

    Hey everyone! Today we're officially announcing a new coaching option from Caliber, something that we’ve been working on for the past few months.

    As many of you know, early last year we decided to release a completely free version of the Caliber app, without paywalling any app functionality or running 3rd party ads. The response to the free app has been amazing, and it’s been a real pleasure to have such an active, engaged community here that is meaningfully contributing to the direction of our roadmap.

    That said, Caliber originally started as a 1-on-1 coaching company, and our coaching program is how we earn money to support what we’re doing on the free side. While we’re incredibly proud of the results that our coaching clients regularly achieve, the reality is that 1-on-1 coaching can be expensive, and we’ve had more requests than I can count for a more budget-friendly coaching option.

    This is why we decided to develop a new coaching experience, which we’re calling Caliber Pro.

    Unlike our 1-on-1 coaching program, Pro is a group coaching concept. As part of Pro, you’ll have access to a team of coaches in a private group, available throughout the day, to provide guidance, motivation, and support.

    Here’s a quick summary of what Pro includes:

    • Regularly updated workout plans, designed by your team of coaches
    • Expert guidance around your workouts, diet, and recovery
    • Feedback on your exercise form, using our form video submission feature
    • Daily motivation from your coaching team
    • Answers to all of your fitness questions

    We're launching Pro at $19 per month, along with a 1 week free trial so that you can test it out for yourself.

    Here are some additional details around how Pro works:

    • We are launching with 4 Pro groups, focused on different experience levels, equipment, and goals. We expect to build out more Pro groups over time as well.
    • You can change your Pro group at any time.
    • New Pro workout plans are released monthly. This strikes a balance between effective workout programming considerations and regular exercise variety.
    • When you download a Pro workout plan, it’s yours forever - even if you shift back to the free version of the app.

    Finally, we wanted to reiterate that we’re just as committed as ever to our vision for the free app. In fact, much of our upcoming roadmap is focused on developing even more free features and other improvements (workout sharing and custom exercises, just to name a few).

    If you’re interested in giving Pro a try, you can sign up for a trial by tapping the Upgrade button at the top of the app. And as always, let us know if you have any questions or feedback!


  5. [System Update] - Bodyweight/Assisted Exercise Adjustment, Excluding High Rep Sets From 1RM

    Excited to announce a backend update that we just made to address a few issues that we'd been hearing about. Here's what's new 👇

    Bodyweight Exercise Calculation Adjustment

    Up until now, bodyweight exercises, like pull-ups and dips, weren't automatically factoring in your bodyweight into PRs or Strength Score calculations. This meant that in order to see accurate numbers, you'd need to manually log your bodyweight + any additional weight used in the 'weight' field.

    With this update, we'll now automatically factor in your most recently logged bodyweight into these calculations. So, if you weigh 180 lbs, and are using 10 lbs of additional weight on pull-ups, you'd now just need to log '10' in the 'weight' field to see accurate PRs and Strength Score calculations.

    Since this logic doesn't apply to all bodyweight exercises, we did this in a way where we are selectively applying this logic only to relevant bodyweight exercises (the ones where you are actually lifting your entire bodyweight). Here is a list of the exercises that this now applies to:

    • Bar Muscle-Up
    • Chest Dip
    • Chin-Up
    • Eccentric Pull-Up
    • Pull-Up
    • Pull-Up (Parallel Close Grip)
    • Scapular Pull-Up
    • Tricep Dip
    • Weighted Chest Dip
    • Weighted Chin-Up
    • Weighted Pull-Up

    Also, if you don't have a bodyweight logged in the app, exercises where this logic is applied will not give you any PRs where bodyweight is a variable - namely, Max Weight, Max Volume, and 1RM PRs.

    Note: one current limitation here is that this does not yet apply to the data listed in the Progress section of the app for these exercises. This requires more reworking, but with this update you should see it apply to both PRs and Strength Score.

    Assisted Exercise Calculation Adjustment

    The adjustment here is quite similar to what I mentioned above, where bodyweight will now be factored automatically into achievement calculations for assisted exercises.

    In addition, we'll now subtract whatever assisted weight you enter in the 'weight' field from your bodyweight, instead of adding it, which should make things a lot more accurate!

    So, going forward, you should simply log the amount of assisted weight used in the 'weight' field for any assisted exercise.

    Excluding High Rep Sets From 1RM Calculations

    Finally, we are now excluding high rep sets from 1RM calculations, and also from being eligible for Strength Score.

    As you might have seen, higher rep sets tend to throw off the accuracy of 1RM calculations, where at certain rep ranges they become completely unusable. To my knowledge, this is an inherent limitation with all 1RM formulas.

    So for now, we have capped it such that any set above 15 reps will not be factored into these calculations. You'll still see other types of achievements for these high rep sets - Max Weight, Max Volume, and Max Reps - just not 1RM achievements.

    Also, we debated this 15 mark quite a bit. Arguably you start seeing a decline in accuracy at about 10-12 reps, but 15 reps as a threshold felt like a reasonable balance between accuracy and how many people are actually working out. Anyway, this number is not set in stone, and can be adjusted based on how everyone finds this update.

  6. [Release Notes] Caliber 2.5.2 - Messenger Rebuild, Updated Training Plan UX

    Here's what's new in version 2.5.2 👇

    App Improvements:


    Messenger Rebuild

    Due to some persistent Messenger-related issues with Android 13, we needed to rebuild various aspects of how this works more fundamentally. The good news is that this should not only solve the issues that many Android 13 users were experiencing with Messenger, but should also offer performance improvements across all devices (typing responsiveness, scrolling speed, etc).

    Anna Davis
    Released 🎉


    • Messenger Rebuild. Due to some persistent Messenger-related issues with Android 13, we needed to rebuild various aspects of how this works more fundamentally. The good news is that this should not only solve the issues that many Android 13 users were experiencing with Messenger, but should also offer performance improvements across all devices (typing responsiveness, scrolling speed, etc).

    Make creating new workouts clearer

    This would make it easier to create new workouts from the Training Plan section of the app.

    Chris Muir
    Released 🎉


    • Updated Training Plan UX. While you could always create new workout plans from the Training Plan section of the app, this wasn't very obvious. With the updated UX, it should be much clearer that you can create as many different workout plans as you like, either from Caliber templates or from scratch.

    Bug Fixes:

    We've fixed an iOS bug where the feature explanation question marks weren't working properly.


  7. [Release Notes] Caliber 2.5.0 - New Long Press UX Across The App!

    Hi everyone! We just released another update to the app, which we're personally pretty excited about…

    New Features:


    Shift to long press UX across the app

    Realizing that you need to swipe right and left to access certain features can be confusing, and is also not an expandable approach. To address this, we'll be shifting to a unified long press UX pattern across the app. Long tapping on anything within the app will surface all related functionality.

    Chris Muir
    Released 🎉


    When we first launched the app, with more limited features, we went with a ‘swipe’ approach to surface additional functionality. This worked fine in a world where the only thing that you could really do was swipe left to delete, but as we’ve built out more features for the app this approach has not stood the test of time. As many of you have found, swiping right is not particularly intuitive, and it can sometimes be tough for new users to discover some of the app’s core features.

    So, based on feedback from everyone, we’ve revamped this UX approach across the entire app. You’ll now be able to reveal additional functionality for everything by long pressing (pressing and holding). This will bring up an action sheet where you can see and select from all available options.

    With today’s release, you’ll now be able to do this in the following areas of the app:

    • Dashboard
    • Training Plan
    • Workouts
    • Calendar

    Now, for any of you who appreciated the immediacy of the left swipe, and are already bemoaning its departure, do not be alarmed! After speaking with a few impassioned users, we’ve decided to allow for this as well, with a few modifications. Swiping left on workouts/exercises will still reveal a quick ‘Delete’ option, along with a ‘More’ option to access the related action sheet.

    Feature Improvements:

    • You can now more easily delete workout groups in the training plan section, including your default workout group. Just long press on the workout group you want to delete, and select the delete option.
    • We’ve moved the ‘Create superset’ option directly into the action sheet, which you’ll see if you long press on any exercise on the workout overview screen. This should make it faster to create supersets whenever you need to.
    • You can reorder exercises in a superset directly from the workout overview screen. Just long press on an exercise in a superset, and you’ll now see this option.

    Bug Fixes:

    We’ve fixed a bug impacting some of our coaching clients, where uploading a form video would pause music from other apps throughout the remainder of the app session.


    As always, we hope that you like the updates. Happy Thanksgiving for all of you who are celebrating, and more good things to come soon!


  8. Caliber 2.4.3 - Message Editing & Bug Fixes

    Here's what's new in version 2.4.3 👇

    New Features:


    Edit messages

    This would allow you to edit messages that you've sent in group message channels.

    Chris Muir
    Released 🎉


    • Message editing. You can now edit messages after you've sent them, both in Groups and the coach chat (for Premium clients). To edit a message you've sent, just long tap and you should see an 'Edit' option.

    Feature Improvements:

    • Decimals are now displayed for Body Stats on the Progress screen
    • Decimals are now displayed in the Exercise History tab, along with the year
    • Updated the welcome screen of the app to highlight the social features

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed issue with the red 'Complete' button not displaying when editing cardio activities
    • Fixed 'Distance' and 'Calories' fields being empty when tapping on a completed cardio activity

    Hope that everyone has a great start to the week, and let us know if you have any questions or feedback about this update!


  9. [Release Notes] Caliber 2.4.2 - Android 13 Messenger Performance Fix

    Here's what's new in version 2.4.2 👇

    Performance Improvements:

    • Android 13 Messenger Slowdown Issue. We were getting a number of reports that Android 13 users were experiencing slowdown (and in some cases crashes) while using the messenger feature in the app. This release should address this issue. Also, after diving into the root cause for this one, we are looking into making some additional tweaks to Messenger, which would improve performance more broadly for all devices.

    • Better Performance Monitoring. To help us figure out the above issue, we've improved our performance monitoring capabilities overall. This should allow us to more efficiently diagnose future errors and performance issues, whenever they come up.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed 201 video display issue for iOS devices

    We'll be posting some prototypes for the Custom Exercises flow on Reddit shortly, looking forward to everyone's feedback on that!


  10. [Release Notes] Caliber 2.4.1 - Add Multiple Exercises To Workouts, Bug Fixes

    Here's what's new in version 2.4.1 👇

    Feature Improvements:


    Allow selecting multiple exercises when creating new workout

    Hi, I’m trying to create a new workout. I select “add exercise”, but I can only add one exercise at a time. Having to select one exercise, go back to “add exercise”, scroll through all the exercises listed until I get back to where I was, add another individual exercise, and repeat the process is mildly irritating. It would be much easier to just select multiple exercises to streamline the process. Thank you!!! Absolutely love the app :)

    Anonymous Fox
    Released 🎉


    • Ability to add multiple exercises at once to workouts. Previously possible to add multiple exercises at once to workouts in the Training Plan section of the app. With the updated release, you can now select as many exercises as you want, which should hopefully save everyone some time when building out workouts.
    • Removed padlock on Nutrition tab. This one has come up quite a bit, so to avoid the perception that this is somehow a gated feature, we have removed the padlock on the Nutrition tab. You’ll now see a screen here that should make the purpose of this section clearer.
    • Upgraded coach mobile app. This one doesn’t really apply to most of you, but we’ve revamped aspects of the mobile app that our coaches use, bringing in the new groups experience and notification manager, making it easier for them to interact in groups like The Gym Floor, and paving the way for an upcoming product that we’re building.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed scrolling on workout rating screen for smaller devices
    • Fixed save button visibility issues on the superset editing screen for smaller devices
    • Fixed the issue where tapping the empty profile pic would crash the app
    • Fixed the issue where longer workout names wouldn’t wrap properly in Calendar
    • Hope that everyone enjoys the new release, along with the time back in your day that was previously spent adding exercises!

    Hope that everyone enjoys the new release, along with the time back in your day that was previously spent adding exercises!