1. [Release Notes] Caliber 3.1.22 - Workout syncing to Apple Health, Workout Completion Flow Revamp

    Here's what's new in version 3.1.22 👇


    Hope that everyone's week is off to a strong start! We just pushed out a new release of the app today, with a much-requested feature! Let me cover what was included in more detail:


    New Features:


    • Sync workouts to Apple Health. For a long time we’ve synced data back from Health - including steps, nutrition, cardio, and body stats - but previously we had not synced any data back to Health. With this release, you’ll now be able to sync any of your completed strength workouts back to Health, which means that they’ll start counting towards your activity/rings there too. You should see a toggle to do this after you complete each workout, and can set the default behavior for this toggle in the Settings section of the app.

    Sync strength workouts with Apple Health / Google Fit

    This would send relevant info about a strength workout logged in the Caliber app to Apple Health / Google Fit, such as the workout completion time and estimated calories burned.

    Chris Muir
    In Progress 🔨


    App Improvements:


    • Completed workout flow revamp. To match the design changes in other parts of the app, we’ve reworked the completed workout screens. As a result, personal bests should now be both easier to see and share on that screen.


    • Added workout duration. After completing a workout, you’ll now see the duration of the workout on the summary screen. We are planning to add more stats to this summary card (total volume, etc), while also making this summary accessible for any previously-completed workouts.


    Bug Fixes:


    • Fixed hyphen showing incorrectly in cases where last weight was ‘0’.



    We had wanted to get workout syncing back to Google Fit as part of this release as well, but unfortunately we are held up with approvals there. The work is finished on our end, though, so we should hopefully be able to release that soon too, once this is approved.


    Anyway, thanks again for all of your support, and let us know if you have any questions/feedback about the updates!


  2. [Release Notes] Caliber 3.1.20 - Unlimited Calendar Visibility, Performance Enhancements

    Here's what's new in version 3.1.20 👇


    App Improvements:


    • Unlimited calendar visibility. For a long time, we only allowed a 6 month look back in the Calendar section of the app. This was initially a performance consideration, but based on feedback we’ve reengineered this entire section of the app. You can now see the entirety of your data here, scrolling back as far as you like, and also several months into the future. This should also make it easier to manage recurring activities, a feature that we are planning to build soon.

    View more than 6 months in Calendar

    As this is a new app im sure many people who think its great want to move over to it and so would like to log all old stats in one place. My example is wanting to log all my old body weight stats from the past 3 years, however the furthest date back is July 2022. A small change, but one i believe will be beneficial to many, freat app by theway!

    Released 🎉


    • Warning modal if you delete your only remaining bodyweight entry. The majority of cases we see where Strength Score doesn’t calculate are due to the user not having at least one bodyweight entry, which is required for the scores to update properly. To reduce confusion here, you’ll now see a brief explanatory modal if you try to delete your last remaining bodyweight entry. You’ll still be able to delete it, though, if you like, but hopefully the impact will now be clearer.


    Performance Improvements:


    • As our userbase has grown, we’ve been reworking certain areas of the app to ensure that everything scales properly. One of these areas was the Home Screen, which was using a considerable number of API calls. We’ve now refactored this, making it more efficient. As such, you should now find that the app loads in roughly half the time that it used to.


    Bug Fixes:


    • Fixed issue where datapoints on Strength Balance graphs weren’t showing up properly for users in certain countries.


    We’ll likely be issuing another release very soon, tidying up a few other bug fixes, and will then be moving onto the next feature: syncing workout data back to Apple Health and Google Fit!


  3. [Release Notes] Caliber 3.1.19 - Adjustable Warm-Up Targets, Expanded Emoji Reactions, Exercise Videos While Offline

    Here's what's new in version 3.1.19 👇


    Feature Improvements:


    • 🔥 Adjustable Warm-up Targets: You can now easily adjust the target weight used to calculate your warm-up sets. This is useful in cases where you need to decrease your working weight (due to an injury, etc), or if you are planning to increase from what you did last time. To make an adjustment, just tap the new target icon on the warm-up screen. You can then quickly increase/decrease in 5 lb increments, or tap into the field itself to set your target weight more precisely.


    • 📜 Added History Tab to Warm-up Screen: It's helpful to know your exercise history while you’re warming up, so now you can access it from the warm-up screen for that exercise!


    • 🎉 Expanded Emoji Reactions: Gone are the days of being limited to just 6 emoji reactions. With our brand new emoji picker, your reactions in social groups are about to get a whole lot more expressive! 🤌

    Additional emoji reactions

    This would expand the number of emoji reactions to messages, allowing you to express yourself more fully.

    Chris Muir
    Released 🎉



    • 🎥 Offline Exercise Videos: If you have already viewed a video for an exercise, it will now be playable even if the app is offline (this only applies to cached exercise videos).


    Styling Updates:


    • 🎨 Consistent Modals: We've given a fresh coat of paint to modals throughout the app for a more sleek and unified look.


    As always, we hope that you all enjoy the updates! We've personally been using the adjustable warm-up targets over the past week, and have found that it’s been really helpful as we plan out weight progressions.





  4. [Release Notes] Caliber 3.1.18 - Custom Exercises!

    We're excited to announce that with version 3.1.18, you now have the ability to create custom exercises! 🎉


    Create custom exercises

    In cases where we don't have a specific exercise in our database, you'd be able to create a custom exercise that you could add to your workouts.

    Chris Muir
    Released 🎉


    Custom Exercises Overview:

    If you can’t find an exercise that you need from our main library, you can now easily create that exercise yourself. Any exercises that you create will only be visible to you, in your personal custom exercise library.


    You can create custom exercises from either the add/substitute exercise screen, while you’re in the middle of a workout, or from the new Exercise Library section of the app (which you’ll now see in Menu).


    When creating a custom exercise, you can specify:

    • The name of the exercise
    • The muscle groups that it targets (works with muscle group filters)
    • The equipment (works with equipment filters)
    • The type (whether it is rep-based or time-based)


    Custom exercises can be used just like any other exercise, which means that you can edit the exercise targets, include them within supersets, etc.


    We’ve tried to build this to be as flexible as possible, but I wanted to point out a few other considerations when using this feature:

    • If you include custom exercises in shared workouts or workout plans, those custom exercises will be added to the custom exercise library of anyone who saves the shared workout
    • If you delete a custom exercise, all historical data for that custom exercise will be deleted, and it will be automatically removed from any workouts.



    Additional Features & Improvements:

    • Offline Mode Optimization: Reduced the frequency of offline status notifications upon app foregrounding.
    • Muscle Group Filter: Based on user feedback, we added the muscle group images back to the add/edit/create exercise filter.


    Bug Fixes:

    • Resolved an issue where superset reordering in workouts was not saving accurately.
    • Fixed sync issues for cardio activities interfacing with Google Fit.
    • Updated the Supporter modal to ensure optimal functionality on smaller screens.





  5. [Release Notes] Caliber 3.1.17 - Progress Photo Gallery 📸

    Here's what's new in version 3.1.17 👇


    New Features:


    Progress Photo Gallery. While we’ve had the ability to upload progress photos for a long time, they existed in something of a silo, where you needed to tap on each individual calendar date to see them, which wasn’t very useful. Since this was originally built as a coaching feature, we had actually debated whether to include progress photos at all within the initial free app release, but decided to in the end. Anyway, you’ll now see a Progress Photo Gallery in the Menu section, where you can easily swipe through all progress photos that you’ve uploaded in the app. If people like this feature, we could also add the ability to generate side-by-side comparisons too, so let us know if you have any feedback on this one.


    Progress photo comparisons

    This would allow you to compare progress photos from different time periods side by side in the app, so that you could more easily see visual changes.

    Chris Muir
    Released 🎉





  6. [Release Notes] Caliber 3.1.16 - Exercise Search Screen Revamp, Added Equipment Filters

    Here's what's new in version 3.1.16 👇




    • Improved Filtering UX. The old UX on this screen was just straight up bad, to put it bluntly. Built when we first launched the app in beta, we really hadn’t touched this screen at all since - and while you could technically filter by different muscle groups, many users didn’t even realize that this was possible, since the process was so unintuitive. With this revamp, you can now more easily apply as many muscle group filters as you like, in order to refine your searches.


    • Added Equipment Filters. This was a very popular request, so with this release I’m happy to report that you can now filter by equipment as well. This can also be used in conjunction with muscle group filters.

    Filter exercises by equipment

    This would allow you to filter exercises by equipment type, making it easier to find what you're looking for when adding or substitutions exercises.

    Chris Muir
    Released 🎉


    Up Next...


    Work has officially begun on custom exercises--stay tuned! 🎉


  7. [Release Notes] Caliber 3.1.13 - 3.1.15 -- Exercise Edit Screen Redesign, Bulk Edit Exercises, Report Messages

    Here's what's new in version 3.1.13 👇


    New Features & Improvements:


    • Report Messages In Groups. To help with moderation as the social groups have grown, we've added the ability for users to report inappropriate messages. If you ever need to report a message, just long press on the message and you’ll now see a ‘Report’ option. You'll also be able to do this in private groups, if you ever need to.

    Report users in groups

    There has been a few instances recently where men have joined the women’s groups and even sent inappropriate messages. Groups are supposed to be a safe space and not having an option to report users defeats this.

    Released 🎉



    • Redesign Of Exercise Edit Screen. Previously this screen had sliders to specify the number of sets, min/max reps, etc. As many of you have surely experienced, the sliders were imprecise and annoying to use! With this revamp, you’ll now be able to type any of these exercise parameters in directly.

    Edit Set/MinReps/MaxReps Menu for exercise

    Hello, The UI in this interface is a little buggy. Well working as intended, but it could be better. The slider bar is very sensitive, so when I try go change the Min Rep from 10 to 12, it can take very fine movement. This itself isn't a problem, but when I change the Max Rep below the Min Rep value, it automatically changes the Min Rep value as well. Makes it very hard to change the value to be the same Min or Max. Eg. I set Min to 10, accidentally adjusting my finger makes it 11, which sets the Max to 11. I set Min to 10 again. Then I go to change Max from 11 to 10, accidentally adjust my finger making it 9, which resets Min to 9. Now I have to reset Min to 10 :( Solution: keep the slider, but make the number value an editable field?

    Released 🎉



    • Ability To Bulk Edit Exercises. Following from the above, you’ll now see an option on the Exercise Edit screen to bulk apply any edits to other exercises within the workout. This should hopefully save you all some time when building out new workouts, especially if many of the exercises have the same basic setup.


    • Support For Editing Time-Based Exercises. Previously we didn’t have support for this, so you’ll now be able to set target times for exercises like planks.





  8. [Release Notes] Caliber 3.1.12 - Start/Scheduling UX updates, Training Plan screen adjustments

    Here's what's new in version 3.1.12 👇




    • Simplified start/scheduling UX. We’d had quite a lot of feedback that the red + button UX on the Home screen was confusing. Previously the red + button would always start a workout for the current day, which felt weird (or, less charitably, broken) if another day was selected on the calendar. With this update, the red + button behavior will now always correspond to the date selected - starting, scheduling, or logging past activities, depending on what is relevant. In turn, we have also deprecated the 'Schedule activity' text, since the red + now governs all.

    Update to activity scheduling UX

    We'll be updating the activity scheduling UX, so that tapping the red plus button when viewing a future day will schedule the activity for that day.

    Ivan l
    Released 🎉


    • Easier access to multiple workout plans. When you start/schedule a workout, you’ll now notice a ‘See All’ option on the action sheet. Tapping this will allow you to quickly access other workout plans. You could actually do this before, by tapping back, but the UX was unintuitive.


    • Clearer visibility of default workout plan in Training Plan section. We had previously used an unexplained star to denote the default workout plan on this screen, but found that this was confusing. Your default workout plan is now more clearly laid out within the Training Plan section, and it should also hopefully now be clearer for new users that the app supports having multiple workout plans.


    • Automatically set unit preferences within registration flow. Previously unit preferences were always initially set to imperial, even if one selected their weight and height in metric units. This is now more explicit as part of the flow, and one’s preferred units will be set properly from the start.



    Bug Fixes:


    • Fixed issue where commas entered in certain fields in the registration flow were causing crashes.


  9. [Release Notes] Caliber 3.1.6 - Streamlined Rest Timer, Stopwatch, Revamped Exercise Notes

    Announcement 📣

    Here's what's new in version 3.1.6 👇


    New Features:


    • Streamlined Rest Timer. Previously when starting a rest timer, you needed to tap on the timer and then tap again to select the specific rest time you wanted. With this update, tapping once will immediately start the timer, based on the assigned rest time you have for an exercise. However, if you ever want to use a different rest time than your default, just long press on the timer and you’ll be able to select from all of the different options.

    Smart rest timer

    Each exercise in a Caliber program has a recommended rest time. Right now, you have to tap the timer twice to get it to start the recommended rest time (once to pull up the options, again to select the time). It would be nice if the timer started the recommended rest time with one tap, perhaps with a tap-and-hold option if you want to select a different option.

    Justin Fauci
    Released 🎉



    • Stopwatch. Alongside the rest timer, you’ll now see a stopwatch option. This is particularly useful for time-based exercises, like planks. The stopwatch can also be run in conjunction with the rest timer, if you ever need to do that.

    Stopwatch for time-based exercises

    I've been using the rest timer to time my plank times, and its not great for it. A timer option for exercises that go for set lengths of time would be useful.

    Anonymous Maltese
    Released 🎉


    • 30 & 90 Second Timer Options. With the new Exercise screen UI, we can now more easily support additional timer options. If you long press on the rest timer, you’ll now see both 30 and 90 second options there too. These aren’t yet assignable as default rest times for exercises, but we are planning to build that in soon too.


    • Notes Accessibility. We’ve revamped the exercise notes, so that you can now seamlessly toggle between your notes and the track tab whenever you need to, without ever leaving the screen. This paves the way for us to shift over to time-stamped notes, along with allowing coaches to leave exercise-specific notes for their clients.


    • Exercise Editing Options. By tapping the triple dot icon, you’ll now be able to edit, substitute, and delete an exercise on the exercise screen.


  10. [Release Notes] Caliber 3.1.4 - Introducing Supporter

    Announcement 📣

    Hope that you’re all having good week! We just released another update to the app, with a few bug fixes and enhancements, along with a brand new Supporter option.


    As you all know, the Caliber app is completely free to use, without any paywalls or restrictions on functionality. Our model is different from most other fitness apps, in that we earn money through our coaching programs - both Premium and now Pro - which allows us to keep the app itself free.


    That being said, while we’re very proud of the quality of our coaching experience, we recognize that not everyone needs/wants a coach - and as we’ve grown, it's been heartening (and honestly surprising) to have many people tell us that they want to donate to the app and support our mission.


    With the launch of Supporter, if you’re so inclined, you’ll now be able to do exactly that.


    Aside from the priceless sense of satisfaction that you’ll feel from supporting Caliber and our continued development, you’ll also get two other more tangible benefits from being a Supporter:


    • No coaching pop-ups as part of the app experience
    • A Supporter badge that will be visible as part of your social profile


    To be clear, becoming a Supporter does not unlock any additional functionality in the app. A big part of our mission is to make effective strength training accessible to all, so fundamentally Supporter allows you to be a part of this too.


    If you’re interested, you can sign up in the Menu section of the app.


    Outside of Supporter, here are the other updates that were made as part of this release:


    • Updated the loading icon across the entire app, thereby breaking the association between our brand logo and screen loading
    • Adjusted the rest timer so that it dings upon completion even when the app is backgrounded (iOS-only right now)
    • Fixed an issue where images were loading sideways in certain cases
    • Fixed an issue where the Strength Score graphs were not populating data points for certain users

    Up next, we’re currently working on some enhancements to the exercise Track tab - adding a stopwatch, streamlining the rest timer experience, and reworking the notes. Stay tuned!