Caliber 3.1.23 - Introducing Plate Calculator 🎉

New Feature 🆕

Caught up in calculations rather than conquering your sets? Exciting news: our latest update features a Plate Calculator. We do the math, you do the lifting.


Plate Calculator

This would show you the exact plate configuration to use for any given amount of weight you're lifting.

Chris Muir
Released 🎉


Here's everything you need to know:


  • Spot the Barbell Icon on the exercise track screen and tap it to access the Plate Calculator. It will automatically suggest the optimal plate configuration based on your target weight, bar weight, and plate inventory.


  • Eligible Exercises: This feature is available for both standard and custom exercises with the following equipment type selected: Barbell, Smith Machine, Hammer Strength, Landmine, EZ Bar, and Trap Bar.


  • Custom Bar Weights: By default, we're set to the common 45 lb / 20 kg bar. Adjust as needed. For a quick reference of bar weights, check out our handy modal. 📊


  • Personalize Your Plate Inventory: We start you off with a standard plate inventory, ideal for most commercial gyms, but you can adjust this to match your gym's offerings. 🔧
  • Automatic Target Weight: Already input a set? The Plate Calculator will pre-load based on your most recent target weight, ensuring a seamless experience, especially handy for smart warmups. 🔥


We've personally been using this feature for the past week and are loving it. We hope you do too! As always, we're here for any questions or feedback you might have.