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Caliber 3.1.22 - Workout syncing to Apple Health, Workout Completion Flow Revamp

Here's what's new in version 3.1.22 👇


Hope that everyone's week is off to a strong start! We just pushed out a new release of the app today, with a much-requested feature! Let me cover what was included in more detail:


New Features:


  • Sync workouts to Apple Health. For a long time we’ve synced data back from Health - including steps, nutrition, cardio, and body stats - but previously we had not synced any data back to Health. With this release, you’ll now be able to sync any of your completed strength workouts back to Health, which means that they’ll start counting towards your activity/rings there too. You should see a toggle to do this after you complete each workout, and can set the default behavior for this toggle in the Settings section of the app.

Sync strength workouts with Apple Health / Google Fit

This would send relevant info about a strength workout logged in the Caliber app to Apple Health / Google Fit, such as the workout completion time and estimated calories burned.

Chris Muir
In Progress 🔨


App Improvements:


  • Completed workout flow revamp. To match the design changes in other parts of the app, we’ve reworked the completed workout screens. As a result, personal bests should now be both easier to see and share on that screen.


  • Added workout duration. After completing a workout, you’ll now see the duration of the workout on the summary screen. We are planning to add more stats to this summary card (total volume, etc), while also making this summary accessible for any previously-completed workouts.


Bug Fixes:


  • Fixed hyphen showing incorrectly in cases where last weight was ‘0’.



We had wanted to get workout syncing back to Google Fit as part of this release as well, but unfortunately we are held up with approvals there. The work is finished on our end, though, so we should hopefully be able to release that soon too, once this is approved.


Anyway, thanks again for all of your support, and let us know if you have any questions/feedback about the updates!