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Caliber 3.1.20 - Unlimited Calendar Visibility, Performance Enhancements

Here's what's new in version 3.1.20 👇


App Improvements:


  • Unlimited calendar visibility. For a long time, we only allowed a 6 month look back in the Calendar section of the app. This was initially a performance consideration, but based on feedback we’ve reengineered this entire section of the app. You can now see the entirety of your data here, scrolling back as far as you like, and also several months into the future. This should also make it easier to manage recurring activities, a feature that we are planning to build soon.

View more than 6 months in Calendar

As this is a new app im sure many people who think its great want to move over to it and so would like to log all old stats in one place. My example is wanting to log all my old body weight stats from the past 3 years, however the furthest date back is July 2022. A small change, but one i believe will be beneficial to many, freat app by theway!

Released 🎉


  • Warning modal if you delete your only remaining bodyweight entry. The majority of cases we see where Strength Score doesn’t calculate are due to the user not having at least one bodyweight entry, which is required for the scores to update properly. To reduce confusion here, you’ll now see a brief explanatory modal if you try to delete your last remaining bodyweight entry. You’ll still be able to delete it, though, if you like, but hopefully the impact will now be clearer.


Performance Improvements:


  • As our userbase has grown, we’ve been reworking certain areas of the app to ensure that everything scales properly. One of these areas was the Home Screen, which was using a considerable number of API calls. We’ve now refactored this, making it more efficient. As such, you should now find that the app loads in roughly half the time that it used to.


Bug Fixes:


  • Fixed issue where datapoints on Strength Balance graphs weren’t showing up properly for users in certain countries.


We’ll likely be issuing another release very soon, tidying up a few other bug fixes, and will then be moving onto the next feature: syncing workout data back to Apple Health and Google Fit!