Caliber 3.1.18 - Custom Exercises!

We're excited to announce that with version 3.1.18, you now have the ability to create custom exercises! 🎉


Create custom exercises

In cases where we don't have a specific exercise in our database, you'd be able to create a custom exercise that you could add to your workouts.

Chris Muir
Released 🎉


Custom Exercises Overview:

If you can’t find an exercise that you need from our main library, you can now easily create that exercise yourself. Any exercises that you create will only be visible to you, in your personal custom exercise library.


You can create custom exercises from either the add/substitute exercise screen, while you’re in the middle of a workout, or from the new Exercise Library section of the app (which you’ll now see in Menu).


When creating a custom exercise, you can specify:

  • The name of the exercise
  • The muscle groups that it targets (works with muscle group filters)
  • The equipment (works with equipment filters)
  • The type (whether it is rep-based or time-based)


Custom exercises can be used just like any other exercise, which means that you can edit the exercise targets, include them within supersets, etc.


We’ve tried to build this to be as flexible as possible, but I wanted to point out a few other considerations when using this feature:

  • If you include custom exercises in shared workouts or workout plans, those custom exercises will be added to the custom exercise library of anyone who saves the shared workout
  • If you delete a custom exercise, all historical data for that custom exercise will be deleted, and it will be automatically removed from any workouts.



Additional Features & Improvements:

  • Offline Mode Optimization: Reduced the frequency of offline status notifications upon app foregrounding.
  • Muscle Group Filter: Based on user feedback, we added the muscle group images back to the add/edit/create exercise filter.


Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved an issue where superset reordering in workouts was not saving accurately.
  • Fixed sync issues for cardio activities interfacing with Google Fit.
  • Updated the Supporter modal to ensure optimal functionality on smaller screens.