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Caliber 3.1.16 - Exercise Search Screen Revamp, Added Equipment Filters

Here's what's new in version 3.1.16 👇




  • Improved Filtering UX. The old UX on this screen was just straight up bad, to put it bluntly. Built when we first launched the app in beta, we really hadn’t touched this screen at all since - and while you could technically filter by different muscle groups, many users didn’t even realize that this was possible, since the process was so unintuitive. With this revamp, you can now more easily apply as many muscle group filters as you like, in order to refine your searches.


  • Added Equipment Filters. This was a very popular request, so with this release I’m happy to report that you can now filter by equipment as well. This can also be used in conjunction with muscle group filters.

Filter exercises by equipment

This would allow you to filter exercises by equipment type, making it easier to find what you're looking for when adding or substitutions exercises.

Chris Muir
Released 🎉


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Work has officially begun on custom exercises--stay tuned! 🎉