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Caliber 3.1.13 - 3.1.15 -- Exercise Edit Screen Redesign, Bulk Edit Exercises, Report Messages

Here's what's new in version 3.1.13 👇


New Features & Improvements:


  • Report Messages In Groups. To help with moderation as the social groups have grown, we've added the ability for users to report inappropriate messages. If you ever need to report a message, just long press on the message and you’ll now see a ‘Report’ option. You'll also be able to do this in private groups, if you ever need to.

Report users in groups

There has been a few instances recently where men have joined the women’s groups and even sent inappropriate messages. Groups are supposed to be a safe space and not having an option to report users defeats this.

Released 🎉



  • Redesign Of Exercise Edit Screen. Previously this screen had sliders to specify the number of sets, min/max reps, etc. As many of you have surely experienced, the sliders were imprecise and annoying to use! With this revamp, you’ll now be able to type any of these exercise parameters in directly.

Edit Set/MinReps/MaxReps Menu for exercise

Hello, The UI in this interface is a little buggy. Well working as intended, but it could be better. The slider bar is very sensitive, so when I try go change the Min Rep from 10 to 12, it can take very fine movement. This itself isn't a problem, but when I change the Max Rep below the Min Rep value, it automatically changes the Min Rep value as well. Makes it very hard to change the value to be the same Min or Max. Eg. I set Min to 10, accidentally adjusting my finger makes it 11, which sets the Max to 11. I set Min to 10 again. Then I go to change Max from 11 to 10, accidentally adjust my finger making it 9, which resets Min to 9. Now I have to reset Min to 10 :( Solution: keep the slider, but make the number value an editable field?

Released 🎉



  • Ability To Bulk Edit Exercises. Following from the above, you’ll now see an option on the Exercise Edit screen to bulk apply any edits to other exercises within the workout. This should hopefully save you all some time when building out new workouts, especially if many of the exercises have the same basic setup.


  • Support For Editing Time-Based Exercises. Previously we didn’t have support for this, so you’ll now be able to set target times for exercises like planks.