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Caliber 3.1.12 - Start/Scheduling UX updates, Training Plan screen adjustments

Here's what's new in version 3.1.12 👇




  • Simplified start/scheduling UX. We’d had quite a lot of feedback that the red + button UX on the Home screen was confusing. Previously the red + button would always start a workout for the current day, which felt weird (or, less charitably, broken) if another day was selected on the calendar. With this update, the red + button behavior will now always correspond to the date selected - starting, scheduling, or logging past activities, depending on what is relevant. In turn, we have also deprecated the 'Schedule activity' text, since the red + now governs all.

Update to activity scheduling UX

We'll be updating the activity scheduling UX, so that tapping the red plus button when viewing a future day will schedule the activity for that day.

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  • Easier access to multiple workout plans. When you start/schedule a workout, you’ll now notice a ‘See All’ option on the action sheet. Tapping this will allow you to quickly access other workout plans. You could actually do this before, by tapping back, but the UX was unintuitive.


  • Clearer visibility of default workout plan in Training Plan section. We had previously used an unexplained star to denote the default workout plan on this screen, but found that this was confusing. Your default workout plan is now more clearly laid out within the Training Plan section, and it should also hopefully now be clearer for new users that the app supports having multiple workout plans.


  • Automatically set unit preferences within registration flow. Previously unit preferences were always initially set to imperial, even if one selected their weight and height in metric units. This is now more explicit as part of the flow, and one’s preferred units will be set properly from the start.



Bug Fixes:


  • Fixed issue where commas entered in certain fields in the registration flow were causing crashes.