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[System Update] - Bodyweight/Assisted Exercise Adjustment, Excluding High Rep Sets From 1RM

Excited to announce a backend update that we just made to address a few issues that we'd been hearing about. Here's what's new 👇


Bodyweight Exercise Calculation Adjustment

Up until now, bodyweight exercises, like pull-ups and dips, weren't automatically factoring in your bodyweight into PRs or Strength Score calculations. This meant that in order to see accurate numbers, you'd need to manually log your bodyweight + any additional weight used in the 'weight' field.


With this update, we'll now automatically factor in your most recently logged bodyweight into these calculations. So, if you weigh 180 lbs, and are using 10 lbs of additional weight on pull-ups, you'd now just need to log '10' in the 'weight' field to see accurate PRs and Strength Score calculations.


Since this logic doesn't apply to all bodyweight exercises, we did this in a way where we are selectively applying this logic only to relevant bodyweight exercises (the ones where you are actually lifting your entire bodyweight). Here is a list of the exercises that this now applies to:


  • Bar Muscle-Up
  • Chest Dip
  • Chin-Up
  • Eccentric Pull-Up
  • Pull-Up
  • Pull-Up (Parallel Close Grip)
  • Scapular Pull-Up
  • Tricep Dip
  • Weighted Chest Dip
  • Weighted Chin-Up
  • Weighted Pull-Up


Also, if you don't have a bodyweight logged in the app, exercises where this logic is applied will not give you any PRs where bodyweight is a variable - namely, Max Weight, Max Volume, and 1RM PRs.


Note: one current limitation here is that this does not yet apply to the data listed in the Progress section of the app for these exercises. This requires more reworking, but with this update you should see it apply to both PRs and Strength Score.


Assisted Exercise Calculation Adjustment

The adjustment here is quite similar to what I mentioned above, where bodyweight will now be factored automatically into achievement calculations for assisted exercises.


In addition, we'll now subtract whatever assisted weight you enter in the 'weight' field from your bodyweight, instead of adding it, which should make things a lot more accurate!


So, going forward, you should simply log the amount of assisted weight used in the 'weight' field for any assisted exercise.


Excluding High Rep Sets From 1RM Calculations

Finally, we are now excluding high rep sets from 1RM calculations, and also from being eligible for Strength Score.


As you might have seen, higher rep sets tend to throw off the accuracy of 1RM calculations, where at certain rep ranges they become completely unusable. To my knowledge, this is an inherent limitation with all 1RM formulas.


So for now, we have capped it such that any set above 15 reps will not be factored into these calculations. You'll still see other types of achievements for these high rep sets - Max Weight, Max Volume, and Max Reps - just not 1RM achievements.


Also, we debated this 15 mark quite a bit. Arguably you start seeing a decline in accuracy at about 10-12 reps, but 15 reps as a threshold felt like a reasonable balance between accuracy and how many people are actually working out. Anyway, this number is not set in stone, and can be adjusted based on how everyone finds this update.