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Caliber 3.1.6 - Streamlined Rest Timer, Stopwatch, Revamped Exercise Notes

Announcement 📣

Here's what's new in version 3.1.6 👇


New Features:


  • Streamlined Rest Timer. Previously when starting a rest timer, you needed to tap on the timer and then tap again to select the specific rest time you wanted. With this update, tapping once will immediately start the timer, based on the assigned rest time you have for an exercise. However, if you ever want to use a different rest time than your default, just long press on the timer and you’ll be able to select from all of the different options.

Smart rest timer

Each exercise in a Caliber program has a recommended rest time. Right now, you have to tap the timer twice to get it to start the recommended rest time (once to pull up the options, again to select the time). It would be nice if the timer started the recommended rest time with one tap, perhaps with a tap-and-hold option if you want to select a different option.

Justin Fauci
Released 🎉



  • Stopwatch. Alongside the rest timer, you’ll now see a stopwatch option. This is particularly useful for time-based exercises, like planks. The stopwatch can also be run in conjunction with the rest timer, if you ever need to do that.

Stopwatch for time-based exercises

I've been using the rest timer to time my plank times, and its not great for it. A timer option for exercises that go for set lengths of time would be useful.

Anonymous Maltese
Released 🎉


  • 30 & 90 Second Timer Options. With the new Exercise screen UI, we can now more easily support additional timer options. If you long press on the rest timer, you’ll now see both 30 and 90 second options there too. These aren’t yet assignable as default rest times for exercises, but we are planning to build that in soon too.


  • Notes Accessibility. We’ve revamped the exercise notes, so that you can now seamlessly toggle between your notes and the track tab whenever you need to, without ever leaving the screen. This paves the way for us to shift over to time-stamped notes, along with allowing coaches to leave exercise-specific notes for their clients.


  • Exercise Editing Options. By tapping the triple dot icon, you’ll now be able to edit, substitute, and delete an exercise on the exercise screen.