[Release Notes] Caliber 3.1.1 - Some Fixes & Improvements

Here's what's new in version 3.1.1 👇




  • Allow tapping on screen to minimize keyboard in registration flow. Some new users of the app were running into issues being able to minimize the keyboard when registering. Previously you needed to tap on one of the keyboard options to do this. Now you can also just tap on any part of the screen, outside of the keyboard.
  • New Pro welcome screen for Spring. If you sign up for Pro now you’ll see a more seasonally-appropriate screen.


Bug Fixes:


  • Fixed permissions issue for photos/videos. After last week’s release, audio/video permissions weren’t properly carrying over for certain users. This update should address this.


  • Fix for supersets as part of shared workout previews. If a workout contained supersets, it wasn’t properly counting the total number of exercises in the preview metadata. This has been fixed.


  • Fixed monthly calendar dates for European users. We’d been alerted to the fact that the dates in the monthly calendar view were incorrect for users in Europe. This should now be fixed.


  • Fixed issue where international users weren’t able to start workouts properly at certain times of day. This related to the above point, and should now also be fixed.


  • Updated workout prompt when deleting exercises. Fixed an issue where the ‘update your workout’ modal wasn’t appearing in cases where the only modification to a workout was where you’d deleted an exercise.


  • Fixed issue where emoji reactions would reorder in group chats when you tap on them.


  • Fixed video uploader styling, along with a few other styling fixes.