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[Release Notes] Caliber 3.1.0 - Workout Sharing, Disable Strength Score For Workouts, Fix For Logout Issue

Here's what's new in version 3.1.0 👇


New Features:


  • Workout sharing.You’ll now be able to share/receive workouts and workout plans directly in the app. Since this feature has quite a lot to it, I’ll likely cover this in more detail in a separate post, but in short you can now share links to workout/plans outside of the app, directly within groups in the app, and even in-person via QR codes.

Workout sharing

This would allow you to share workouts directly with other users in the app.

Chris Muir
Released 🎉


  • Disable Strength Score for workouts. On the updated Workout Overview screen, you’ll now see a toggle to disable Strength Score for a workout. This defaults on, but you can turn it off for any workout with a tap, which is helpful in situations where you don’t feel like the workout was representative of your actual strength performance. A few cases here are if you’re deloading, using lower weights due to an injury, or traveling without access to your normal equipment. You can also toggle it on/off at any point up through when the weekly Strength Score update happens.

Markable deload workouts

This would allow you mark workouts that you don't want to count towards your Strength Metrics. Useful in cases where you're deloading and don't want this to impact your score.

Chris Muir
Released 🎉



  • Greater workout flexibility for Premium clients. Previously Premium clients didn’t have the ability to create/modify their own workouts. We’d spoken with a number of clients about this, and had planned to address it, but given that we wanted Premium clients to be able to share/receive workouts too, we decided to bundle that into this release. Now Premium clients can create/modify their own workouts, as long as they aren’t workouts that were created by their coach. This should hopefully strike a good balance between giving Premium clients more flexibility, without disrupting the coach-directed programming.

Create new workouts in premium

Prior to signing up for the coaching program, I could add various workouts, so I had a schedule for at home workouts and for gym workouts, as well as change duration. Now, since signing up for coaching I can no longer do that…it’s frustrating because some days I want a shorter workout and some days a longer one, and want to be able to schedule that.

Anonymous Okapi
Released 🎉




Performance Improvements/Enhancements:


  • Native login flow. Previously we had a web-based login process, but this can create a greater number of browser-specific login issues. With this release, the login flow is now native, which should hopefully be smoother and result in fewer of these problems. We’re planning to shift over to this approach with the signup flow too, but decided to prioritize the login flow since that’s where we see the greatest number of issues.


  • Dashboard performance improvements. We found that there were too many unnecessary API calls being made on the Dashboard, so we refactored aspects of this. This change should reduce the server load when users access the Dashboard, while also hopefully bringing some positive performance improvements here too.



Bug Fixes:


  • The fix that we put out previously for the periodic logout issues proved to be insufficient, with quite a few people continuing to intermittently experience this. Our engineering team dove much deeper into this issue, and we’re now quite confident that this should be more fully addressed with this release. You may still be logged out when you update, but with any luck it shouldn’t happen again for some time.