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Caliber 3.0.4 - Exercise Substitution Improvements


Here's what's new in version 3.0.4 👇


Feature Improvements:


Preselect relevant muscle group filter(s) when substituting

This would preselect the relevant muscle group filter(s) when substituting exercises, making the list of displayed exercises more relevant.

Chris Muir
Released 🎉


  • Preselected Muscle Group Filters When Substituting Exercises. Previously when you substituted an exercise, it would just bring you to the Exercise Search screen, showing you an exhaustive list of all available exercises to pick from. This was obviously not great, so with today's release you'll now see that the relevant primary muscle group filter(s) are automatically selected when you substitute an exercise. This should hopefully make the list of exercises feel more relevant, and allow you to make substitutions more quickly.



Allow exercise substitutions from Training Plan

Currently you can only substitute exercises from active workouts. This would allow you to substitute exercise directly from the Training Plan section

Chris Muir
Released 🎉


  • Substitutions from the Training Plan section. While you've been able to substitute exercises from active workouts for a while, we didn't have this functionality for workout templates in the Training Plan section. Now if you long press on an exercise in Training Plan, you'll see the substitution option there as well.


Bug Fixes:


  • Fixed crashes on the Pro plan selection screen for Android 12 and 13 devices (this was actually included in a quick release, 3.0.3, that we did over the weekend).



We're planning a more significant overhaul of the Exercise Search screen - adding more filters, improving the UX, etc - but wanted to get some of these other improvements out more quickly, since we've been hearing a lot of requests for substitutions!