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[Release Notes] Caliber 2.5.0 - New Long Press UX Across The App!

Hi everyone! We just released another update to the app, which we're personally pretty excited about…

New Features:


Shift to long press UX across the app

Realizing that you need to swipe right and left to access certain features can be confusing, and is also not an expandable approach. To address this, we'll be shifting to a unified long press UX pattern across the app. Long tapping on anything within the app will surface all related functionality.

Chris Muir
Released 🎉


When we first launched the app, with more limited features, we went with a ‘swipe’ approach to surface additional functionality. This worked fine in a world where the only thing that you could really do was swipe left to delete, but as we’ve built out more features for the app this approach has not stood the test of time. As many of you have found, swiping right is not particularly intuitive, and it can sometimes be tough for new users to discover some of the app’s core features.

So, based on feedback from everyone, we’ve revamped this UX approach across the entire app. You’ll now be able to reveal additional functionality for everything by long pressing (pressing and holding). This will bring up an action sheet where you can see and select from all available options.

With today’s release, you’ll now be able to do this in the following areas of the app:

  • Dashboard
  • Training Plan
  • Workouts
  • Calendar

Now, for any of you who appreciated the immediacy of the left swipe, and are already bemoaning its departure, do not be alarmed! After speaking with a few impassioned users, we’ve decided to allow for this as well, with a few modifications. Swiping left on workouts/exercises will still reveal a quick ‘Delete’ option, along with a ‘More’ option to access the related action sheet.

Feature Improvements:

  • You can now more easily delete workout groups in the training plan section, including your default workout group. Just long press on the workout group you want to delete, and select the delete option.
  • We’ve moved the ‘Create superset’ option directly into the action sheet, which you’ll see if you long press on any exercise on the workout overview screen. This should make it faster to create supersets whenever you need to.
  • You can reorder exercises in a superset directly from the workout overview screen. Just long press on an exercise in a superset, and you’ll now see this option.

Bug Fixes:

We’ve fixed a bug impacting some of our coaching clients, where uploading a form video would pause music from other apps throughout the remainder of the app session.


As always, we hope that you like the updates. Happy Thanksgiving for all of you who are celebrating, and more good things to come soon!